2012 -      "Courtesan Songs and Sanskrit Sutras. In Gentle Voice (e-journal).

2012 -      "'Gender, Love and Renunciation: The Voices of Bhaktas and Courtesans' in Kavita Panjabi (ed) Poetics and Politics of Sufism and Bhakti: Love, Loss and Liberation. Orient Blackswan 2012.

2012 -      "Heart to Heart: Remembering Naina Devi. Harper Collins 2012.

2010 -      "Tea and Philosophy at AFAL" in Journal of AFAL.  

-      ‘Love Story’. In Namaste (Special issue, Short Stories).             Read Article...

-      ‘The Kabir Project’. In Namaste (Special issue, ‘The Singer and the Song’).

2009 -      ‘ Riyaz and the Transformation of the Self’. In The India Habitat Centre Arts Journal.

2008 -      ‘City of Stories’. In Namaste (Special issue , Short Stories).

2008 -      Guest Editor, and lead article for issue of Ham Sabla, a journal of women’s studies. This issue focused on women’s expressive traditions.

2006 -      ‘Singing Poetry: The Thumri Repertoire’. In Mediations: Literature Across Media. Yearly Review of the Department of English, Delhi University.2004-2005;13.            Read Article...

2005 -    ‘Singing the Female Body: An Exploration of Sohar Songs’. In Janet Chawla (ed)  Birth and Birthgivers: The Power Behind the Shame. New Delhi: Har Anand.

2003  -    ‘The Unheard Melody’. In Harsha Dehejia and Makarand Paranjpe(eds).Saundarya:The Perception and Practice of Beauty in India. New Delhi:Samvad.

2003 -    ‘Seeing Radha/ Being Radha: Singing Thumri and Ashta Chhaap Poetry’. In Vijaya Ramaswamy (ed). Re-searching Indian Women. New Delhi:Manohar. (First published in Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Indian Institute of Advanced Study. Shimla. Vol V: 2. Winter 1998).            Read Article...

2002 -     ‘Saints, Courtesans and the Music of Love’. In Ronald Lello (ed). Revealing the Sacred. Kent: Millennium Trust.

2001 -    ‘Thumri as Feminine Voice’. In Nivedita Menon (ed). Gender and Politics in India. New Delhi: Oxford University Press.  (First published in Economic and Political Weekly. 28 April 1990).            
Read Article...

1998 -      ‘Seeing Radha/ Being Radha: Singing Thumri and Ashta Chhaap Poetry’.  In Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences, IIAS, Shimla. Vol V: 2. Winter.

1996 -      ‘Thumri and Thumri Singers: Changes in Style and Life-style’. In Indu Banga and Jaidev (eds). Cultural Reorientation in India. IIAS: Shimla.

1996 -      ‘ Wives, Tawaifs and Nayikas: Transcending the Boundaries of Identity’. In Indian Journal of Social Work. January.

1993  -    ‘The Shards in the Looking Glass’.  In Economic Times, 31 October.

1990 -     ‘Ghazal: Form and Performance’. In Seminar. No. 423.

1990 -     ‘Thumri as Feminine Voice’. In Economic and Political Weekl,. 28 April.

1987 -   Co-editor with Ashok Ranade and Shubha Chaudhuri. Documenting and Archiving in Ethnomusicology. New Delhi: American Institute of Indian Studies.

1985         ‘Women’s Issues in the Performing Arts’.  In Social Scientist. October-November.

1983  -    'Singing My Own Song: Women and Music in America and India’. Indian Journal of American Studies,  Vol 13: 2. July.

Text and coordination for a 3- cassette series Music Appreciation for Music Today. Published in English and translated into Hindi, also French and German. (Approx. early 1990s).

(This list is not exhaustive and does not include articles in newspapers and magazines, or e-publishing)
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