One of the major forms of Indian classical music, the thumri repertoire is marked by sweetness, delicacy and grace - madhurya guna. It is a form that soars beyond rules and grammar, taking one to the realm of pure lyricism, pure love.

Drawing from many sources - folk and classical musical traditions, sufi and vaishnavi songs and philosophy - thumri gives voice at once to the sensuous and the spiritual of shringara rasa, the emotion of love.

The thumri repertoire includes the expansive bol banao thumri, the rhythmic bol baant ki thumri, the lilting dadra and folk music-derived forms such as kajri, chaiti, hori, along with the Urdu ghazal.

With its fluid structures, delicate nuances and intense emotion, thumri brings both singer and listener to a recognition of the divine in the everyday world.
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